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What Is Required To Ensure Continued Presence Of The Lord🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-02-22 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Seeing things as they are by situating ourselves on fourth dimension🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-02-27 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Guru changes our id by bestowing the holy name-Identity and doubts🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-03-05 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

When can a new born baby cross ocean infested with crocodiles🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-03-18 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Practical solutions for avoiding diversions,laziness and inattention and to call holy name with a prayerful mood🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-03-19 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Learning to remember the holy name constantly from Sita Maata🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-04-14 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Two qualifications in uttering the holy name which can awaken love in hippies and even in jungle animals🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-05-07 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

how can a dusty village can turn up divine spiritual abode🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-05-12 at Rupavrinda Camp (English | Japa Talk)

Transforming our vision from Virat Rupa to Svarup🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-05-13 at Rupavrinda Camp (English | Japa Talk)

An easy solution to rise above sin and effect🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-05-20 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Concious awareness of offering to Lord can give a infinite leap in Krishna Conscious progress🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-05-21 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

How Krsna can remain ever fresh object and never🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-06-04 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Trnad api sunicena - Quality leading to Humility🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-06-09 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Taror api sahisnuna - 2 aspects of Tolerance🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-06-10 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Amanina manadena - Offering respects without anticipating honour🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-06-11 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Recieveing and Reciprocating with Krishna's name🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-06-16 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

A humble prayer for awakewning Lord in our heart 🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-01-07 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Search and you shall see Krsna,endeavour and you will get Krsna🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-01-08 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Krsna also calls the names of His devotees🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-01-09 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

The difference between Material Manorath and Spiritual Manorath🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-01-11 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Rising our vision beyond temporary phenomenon🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-01-13 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

The three essential themes of the sixty four principles of the RupaGoswami for improving the quality of the holy name🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-01-23 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Steps leading to concentration and steady rememberance of Krsna🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-01-24 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Accessing the Manifestations of swift sweetness through manifestation of Supreme compassion🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2016-01-30 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)
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