Radheshyam Das


Reinforce seva thoughts and Screen out thoughts of enjoyment🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-10-29 at RVC (English | Japa Talk)

Win the tug of war by making the right choice🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-10-30 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Prayers after chanting to improve the quality of tomorrows chanting🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-10-31 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

How do we conquer the impure senses, enemies and the vicious kings, the three gunas🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-12-04 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Krishna approves the techniques offered by Pure devotees🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-12-05 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Spiritual Sound vs Material Sound🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-12-09 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Secret of Intense Service Attitude🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-12-10 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Attaining the right attitude of dasya bhava for purification🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-12-11 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

The royal path that transcends religious formalaries🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-12-18 at AIT (English | Japa Talk)

Mood,Mentality and Mindset for gaining the shelter of the holy name🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-12-20 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

How to attain a steady mind🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-12-24 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

The bigger and the smaller circle of concentration on the holy name🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-12-25 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

The right conception and the consciousness necessary to quickly attract the phase of holy name🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-12-26 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Preparing the mind to be cheerful and joyful for full concentration🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-12-27 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Steps to Realize Absolute Truth and Achive Love for Krishna🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-07-22 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

What makes Agyat Sukruti into Bhaktyonmukh Sukruti🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-07-25 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

The two sublime qualities in a Devotee that Melts the Heart of the Supreme Lord🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-08-08 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Meditating on glories of Balaramaji🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-08-28 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

The best method to destroy material desires and awaken spiritual desires🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-09-12 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

The Special gifts offered by different limbs of the lord for the benefit of devotee🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-10-04 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

Krishna's attention is drawn by our persistent efforts to chant the holyname seeking His shelter🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-10-11 at NVCC (English | Japa Talk)

The heart behind the lips🔗🔊

by HG RSP on 2015-10-21 at Hyd Yoga (English | Japa Talk)
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