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Level 1 : Management Basics for Application (M.B.A)

1. Managing with Hands, Heads and Hearts & Three types of Leadership

2. Eight attitudes of an effective leader

3. Put horse before the cart – putting people before the project

4. Learning to plan, schedule, organize, monitor and control

5. Adjusting Details without changing Principles

6. Crisis Management, Steady Maintenance and Development

Level 2 : Managing Our Life and Duties (M.O.L.D.)

7. Power of Habits & Role of Character in a Leader’s life

8. Practical tips to Converting Stress to Smile

9. Self Management

10. Time Management

11. Anger Management

12. Do your best & Leave the Rest

13. Art of Smart Work

Level 3 : Interpersonal Skills Development (I.S.D.)

14. Cultivating Service Attitude in Dealing with seniors, equals and juniors

15. Effective Communication

16. Art of thinking Win-Win

17. Customer care – internal and external

18. Art of dealing with Authority and Subordinate

19. Conducting effective meeting and establish Accountability

20. Art of Conflict resolution

21. Delegation and Empowerment

Level 4 : Blossoming Vaishnava Qualities (B.V.Q.)

24. Cultivating Humility, Submissiveness and Obedience

25. Cultivating Compassion, Tolerance and Patience

26. Cultivating the art of Respecting all without expecting Respect

30. Avoiding Fault finding tendency and Correcting without hurting